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Microcomputer control technology, intelligent implementation two separate groove, support mixed charging mode;

· Instant visual display LCD charging, the types of batteries, battery voltage current progress and the current filling the capacity;
· Can be of any capacity of ni-mh/ni-cd/lithium iron phosphate lithium battery / 3.8 V / 3.7 V lithium battery any combination;
· Can fit into a below 26 mm diameter, height 34-72 - mm rechargeable batteries;
· Compatible with 3.7 V lithium ion batteries (3.6 V) and 1.2 V ni-mh/ni-cd battery.
· Using constant current, constant voltage charging mode;
· Use - DV control technology, the charging efficiency is higher;
· 100-240 - v wide voltage input;
· With the battery reverse connect protection, short circuit protection (charger for battery is not charging, LCD display "null");
· The overcharge protection;
· Automatic activation function:
A. automatically activated zero voltage lithium battery (with instantaneous short circuit protection board of good battery);
B. more than 0.5 V battery automatically activated
Unable to activate bad will refuse to charge batteries, LCD display "null"
AC  100-240V 50/60 Hz or DC 5V 1A
DC 4.35 V ±  0.02 V, 500 mA ± 30 mA*4 or 1000mA ± 50mA*2
DC 4.2 V ±  0.02 V,   500 mA ± 30 mA*4 or 1000mA ± 50mA*2
DC 3.6 V ±  0.02 V,   500 mA ± 30 mA*4 or 1000mA ± 50mA*2
DC 1.43 V ±  0.02 V, 500 mA ± 30 mA*4 or 1000mA ± 50mA*2
The first groove and the fourth slot charging current, there are two options of 1000 ma/500 mA, the charger into the battery (include two) under two 1000 ma recharged, otherwise charge 500mA.
·  Charging display mode:
  1, have no battery power input and the battery slot: LCD display after all show a "null", the other doesn't content;
  2, have a battery into: charger automatic identification 3.7 V lithium battery, ni-mh/ni-cd battery, wait for 8 seconds after operating without any default current   shows the current battery type into the charging status, display the current battery voltage, filling the battery and charging progress.8 seconds according to       the SLOT key choice need to adjust the SLOT of the battery type, press MODE key select the battery type;
  3, dynamic display of the battery symbol:
      A. the current charging status
      B. s
how the current battery charging status as following:

Empty battery symbol The first bright Second bright Third bright Fourth bright The fifth bright
0%-20% 20%-40% 40%-60% 60%-80% 80%-99 100%

     C. charging status: when the battery symbol in the empty power grid to entertaining diversions way bright and one by one

  4LCD backlight automatically go out after 120 seconds, press MODE key SLOT or can open a backlight.
· Charging control mode
1. The current control, constant current
2. -△V:          5mV
3. The total capacity: 4400 mah (each battery charging the time)
4. Charge cut-off condition: the battery into the negative voltage condition
Lithium iron phosphate batteries
Current control, constant current constant voltage
The lithium battery
Current control, constant current constant voltage

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